Creativity And Passion To Promote MSEs And Individuals Drive Us To Create Great Graphics And Intelligent Interactive Adverts, Images & Video Solutions.

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Video Popups – Unlimited Possibilities

A new way to interact with “interested traffic” to your website to increase retention and online sales using the power of video popups.

With our video popups you can customise your website visitors’ search activities by providing the most relevant navigational paths to your product and service offerings, information, and marketing materials using attention grabbing and engaging call to actions. Read more…

Build Your List With Highly Engaging Popups

Highly engaging popups with full control over when, where, and how you want your popups to appear on your website.

Mobile responsive templates ideal for Landing Pages, Optin Forms, Video Optins, , Webinar Registration, Yes/No Popups, Niche Optin, Small Popup, or we create one for you from scratch. Read more…

Make Your Video Interactive

Have you ever wanted to allow viewers to your website to link to your Facebook page, Twitter account, a product page, or replay a specific linked page or a call to action prompt while your video is playing? Now YOU can.

Make your videos work hard for you. This is how!

Add interactive hotspots live in your videos, at EXACT time you want the hotspot to appear, to interact with your visitors while they are watching your videos!

You can link direct, from any point within your video, to: Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud. To make contacting you really easy, you can place hotspots anywhere in your video to get visitors to your website to contact you direct either via a mobile phone or Skype. Read more…

eCovers – Increase The Perceived Value of Your Products

No matter what line of business you are in, to influence the decision making of your offline prospects or online viewers you must grab their attention first.  To do this you need to use digital designs, graphics and formats that have the visual appeal and the power to increase the conversion rate of your message.

With our extensive range of stunning and totally customisable digital e-book and DVD covers, flyers, advertising cards, notebook style covers, binder, magazine, and kindle covers you can add impact to: your social networking posts, sales pages of downloadable information products, optin pages, or anything online or offline where you wish to generate a brand or increase the perceived value of your products and services.

If this is the type of project you have in mind, you must talk to us now, or your competitors will! Read more…

Video Slideshow – The Way Forward

A video slideshow can draw eyeballs, and if you are a business owner that can only mean one thing; “Marketing Goldmine”. So, how can you leverage the power of video slideshows in your advertising and marketing efforts?

Our video slideshows are perfect platforms to help you achieve your advertising and marketing objectives. They help you showcase your products and services and at the same time establish yourself as an authority in your market place.

When integrated with our other services you can: capture new leads to build an email list, embed interactive features to increase retention and potentially your online sales, be in control of what data or message you wish to deliver.

This is what we can do to help your business grow, but it is YOU who needs to take the next step if you are serious about getting ahead of your competitors. Read more…

Interactive and Dynamic Facebook Ads, Images, Timelines, Newsfeeds & More

Revolutionise Your Facebook Marketing with ‘Dynamic’ Ads.

Transform your static images into fully interactive and dynamic images using a variety of hotspots.

Use them on Facebook, your advertising material, on your websites, and more!

Use our service to turn your Facebook timeline, newsfeed and ads interactive to help drive opt-ins, leads, and sales.

Most businesses, if not all, are using static images in their Facebook ads. As far as we know, no one is currently running “Interactive” Facebook ad campaigns. This WILL change soon. Read more…

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Creativity And Passion To Promote MSEs And Individuals Drive Us To Create Great Graphics And Intelligent Interactive Image & Video Solutions.