Interactive Hotspot-enabled Images

Turn Your Websites' & Facebook Timeline
Images, Videos, Newsfeed & Offline Ads Interactive.
Drive Opt-ins, Leads & Sales

Interactive and dynamic Facebook Ads, images,Timelines, Newsfeeds & More

Revolutionise Your Advertising And Facebook Marketing with 'Dynamic' images.

Transform your static images into fully interactive and dynamic images using a variety of hotspots.

Use them on Facebook, your advertising material, on your websites, and more!

Use our service to turn your Facebook timeline, newsfeed and offline (magazine, flyers, and other) ads interactive to help drive opt-ins, leads, and sales.

Most businesses, if not all, are using static images in their Facebook and offline ads. As far as we know, no one is currently running “Interactive” Facebook and offline ad campaigns. This WILL change soon. Get ahead of your competitors and start talking to us TODAY.

Revolutionary Interactive Service Overview

Video Hotspots

Have you got a marketing, a documentary or any type of video? Do you think you can embed your video in one of your images you wish to share with your existing or prospective clients? You can, if you talk to us today. Now that’s marketing on a roll for you!

Your video does not need to be about marketing, or you do not need to be a business owner to use video hotspots. Any one can use our video hotspot service. Hobbyists, academics, artists, educators, presenters, the list is endless. Email us today for a FREE and no obligation consultation.

Wildlife in africa -

Facebook Newsfeed Hotspots

Capitalise on the images you post to Facebook! With newsfeed hotspots you will attract likes to your fan pages like never before!

With hotspot-enabled images you can also link back from your Facebook posts or anywhere you post your images to your opt-in page, contact us page, sales page, or anywhere you are promoting your products and services.

Skype Hotspots

Connect with your clients through your images!

You work so hard to get traffic to your website, your offer, your ad, or anything you want to sell or bring to people’s attention. So, make it easy for them to contact you when they land on your website or see your ad.

Use the Skype Hotspot on your images to help your prospective clients contact you instantly! It could not be any easier.

Twitter Hotspots

Do you want more followers on Twitter?

Use Twitter Hotspots on your e-marketing materials, website, Facebook pages, or anywhere you want to connect with your visitors, or potential customers to drive them to your profile. SIMPLE, isn’t it?

NOTE: We are currently working on our Twitter profile. As soon as it is completed you’ll be taken direct to our Twitter account by clicking the Twitter icon on the right.

Instagram Hotspots

Are you uploading your images to Instagram? Guess what! You can use hotsposts to access your Instagram images.

Get likes and follows like never before! Hotspots make it really easy for your potential customers to view, like, and follow your product or promotional images too.

NOTE: We are currently updating our Instagram account. As soon as it is completed you’ll be taken direct to our account by clicking the Instagram icon on the right.

Call to Action Hotspots

Most businesses spend so much time telling their website visitors what they are trying to sell on their website, but forget to tell them they need to take a specific action.

This is when your call-to-action hotspot makes a big difference in closing the sale or losing the sale!

Do you want to make more sales? Of course you do! Contact us now for a FREE and no obligation consultation to find out how you can leverage the power of hotspot-enabled images to help increase your sales today.

Tap to Call Hotspots

How many times have you seen an offer on your phone and wanted to talk to the vendor direct but you could not find their telephone number, or if you did it was not tappable, or you did not have a pen and paper to write it down?

Frustrating isn’t it? Not with our Tap to Call Hotspot service. Tap the icon and talk to us now. You do not need a pen or paper, You do not even need to remember our number. Just TAP the hotspot icon and follow the onscreen instructions.

To see this feature in action just click on the hotspot in our image and see for yourself what happens! Looking forward to talking to you soon.

URL Re-direct Hotspots

This is a really nice feature! Use one image with as many links to your offers and discounts. Remember, less is more! You do not want to annoy your visitors with too many icons.

To see this feature in action just click on any of the hotspots in our image and see for yourself what happens!

We can transform your images just like the one you are seeing here. Why not contact us now? We can create a demo image for you free of charge!

Hotspots on Posters, Flyers and Magazine Ads

If you are an individual artist, hobbyist, an academic or a business owner and still relying on traditional teaching and advertising methods and tactics such as printed posters, flyers or newspaper and magazine advertising to promote your products and services you need to pay attention!

Today advertising is all about engaging your audiences with your ad or educational material.

The best way to achieve this is to immerse your audiences in your content in a dedicated environment, free from competing, distracting and unrelated ads or content, where they can focus solely on your products, services, and content.

At Veyana Design Studio we achieve this by inviting your audiences to visit an interactive version of your advertising medium using a QR code or a shortened URL printed on your poster, flyer, magazine ad or any other paper advertising or educational medium you may have used.

The best way to describe this new way of advertising is to click on the image to see our interactive image in action.

NOTE 1: If applicable, please ensure you pause or disable your “Ad Blocker” application for our interactive image to be displayed on your screen. Your Ad Blocker may block essential parts of the hotspots / links which can interfere with your experience.

NOTE 2: The interactive image has been designed by our 1 Page Advertising design team at

We can transform your images just like the one you are seeing here. Why not contact us now? We can create a demo image for you free of charge!

Click on the image to view the FULL interactive image in action! (Image opens in a new window)


The Brunel's ss Great Britain

The Brunel’s ss Great Britain – One of our finest projects!

You do not notice it by just looking at this picture, but if you hover over different ares of it you will find over 1 hour 20 minutes of informative video footage and a few links to the Brunel’s ss Great Britain website.

Hover over different parts of the image to enjoy the story of this historic ship, the new museum opening in 2017 and of course the beautiful city of Bristol, UK.

Enjoy exploring this beautiful interactive picture.

Inbound Marketing

How This 3-minute Video Changed Our Entire Marketing Strategy!

If you think traditional marketing works in this digital age you’ll need to watch this video now! The future of marketing is Inbound. Change or get left behind!

If you like our Interactive Marketing Card contact us for more information.

Video Slideshows - The Way Forward

Video Slideshows – The Way Forward!

A video slideshow can draw eyeballs, and if you are a business owner that can only mean one thing; “Marketing Goldmine”!

Hover over this interactive image to view a few of our completed projects.

If you like our Interactive Marketing Card and video slideshows contact us for more information.

How To Find Your Next Client

How To Find Your Next Client! Ok, we admit it. It is a busy image, but it has been done on purpose. We trust it attracts attention! Right?

Now, the ‘disinterested’ may spend a few seconds hovering over the pulsating tags not necessarily looking for the coupon. On the other hand the ‘interested’ may continue looking for the coupon during which time he/she has hopefully watched a few of our video slideshows.

See if you can find (shouldn’t be that difficult) and get the coupon, that is if you are interested!

Don't Forget Your Morning Exercise

Don’t Forget Your Morning Exercise interactive image incorporating an email inquiry form and a Like Page and Share Facebook hotspots.

Time To Add Interactive Media To Your Images

Time To Add Interactive Media To Your Images interactive image incorporating an email inquiry form and a direct link to the relevant webpage hotspots.

Social Networking Tree

Social Networking Tree interactive image incorporating a direct link to our Contact page, eCover design page, Facebook page and a direct telephone call hotspots.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto interactive launch image incorporating a direct link to our review page.